Copywriting a brochure is different from creating content for a website.

A website, for instance, is a bit like architecture. There are multiple points of entry. And you're never quite sure exactly how people will get into your site...through the front door or by climbing through a window.

A brochure has a front, a back and a middle. It's very linear. Although people may read it in very non-linear ways, the structure is quite rigid.

So, what can a copywriter bring to your brochure that will make it work harder for you?

First of all, very few people are going to read your brochure cover-to-cover, like a book. They will browse. They will flick through. They'll stop at the bits that catch their eye, just like a magazine.

You need to build in headlines that communicate the main points of your message, sub-headlines that help to add depth and bullet points or captions that communicate further information. The body copy is for explaining your message in more detail.

In other words, the copy for your brochure needs to work on many different levels. And, at every level, it needs to communicate your message effectively.

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