Talking to Yourself - Internal Communications

How effectively do you communicate with your own organisation?

As you’ll know from your own inbox, anyone can splurge out emails, memos, reports… and cc the world.

To be effective, however, good internal communications need to be planned, implemented and monitored in the same way that you would run a marketing campaign.

Part of the process is to make sure your messages are clear, targeted and well-delivered. That’s where I come in.¬†Applying the fundamentals of copywriting to your internal messaging. Helping you to:

  • Create memorable presentations for management and sales conferences… and create follow-up materials that reinforce your messages.
  • Create motivational incentives that engage your team and get results.
  • Create campaigns that make sure your own people truly understand the principles, ethos and personality of your brand.

It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.

Let's Talk

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